Sunday, January 20, 2019

Megavalanche 2018 - Damien OTON POV Winning run

Ultimate Hobo Stove Cooking

This is cool to watch and learn from. Its not about what he is eating really. Its about survival and if you needed to you could cook alot of food at one time.

A Cool Slide

Another Awesome Trike Video

Final Speed Trike Sudamericano Ecuador

Night Ocean Waves

After a long day of marketing and you want to drift off to sleep put on ocean night waves.

Trike Drift Videos


Trike Drift Chile - Cuesta Lo Prado

Final Sul-americano Equador 2018 - Lukinha199 - Tzalaron


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Maui Sunset

Relaxing Maui sunset.

A Relaxing Sunset

A Relaxing Sunset.

A Break

This is a bold chicken. The dogs is cool too.

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A Relaxing Break

Take a break from marketing for a minute and enjoy a possum enjoying a strawberry.

A Good Laugh

Sometimes when you take a break from marketing during the day you need a good reset or restart to keep pushing on during the day. It can be a bite to eat or drink, a restroom break, a step outside or whatever you need to stay motivated. Sometimes its a laugh. This goes for me as well when i'm marketing. When i need a laugh this is one of the videos i go to. The unscripted moments in life are the best. A good laugh during your break can be great to keep you going in your daily marketing effort.

Awesome Rustoleum Paint Job