Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Gold And Silver Bullion

 The real way to look at it i guess would be in our lifetimes. Looked at as a typical investment i can see some caution on one side but i think its 60/40 more the other way. You can sell gold and silver back or you can hold it to pass it on. If things got bad there would be plenty of people out here looking for anything of value to barter with if they didnt have any already and those who do own them i think would easily be able to barter in some way with .999 gold and silver. If i was starving i would give you my silver or gold bullion or if i was approached the same way for me its an easy deal. It would be a matter of time before gold, silver and other valuables would take off with some of the best traders and get you a long way. Someone would gladly take gold and silver in a bad situation. It has lasted forever. All the powerful people on earth held most of it and still do today. It isn't passed around like paper and plastic today. It can survive fire and water and be turned into other things. It will ALWAYS be treasure to someone as in the past. It could put a target on your back also in that situation. The same way some of you awesome stackers in the world have physical gold and silver now would make me seek out the like minded like you would seek help to survive from farmers, builders etc. Stackers arent stupid. The common person nowadays wont stack anything but the stacker could have an edge. (TALKING ABOUT AN SHTF SITUATION) especially if the stackers are the builders of a compound full of farmers, builders and preppers. I think it would benefit in the long run to have some bullion along with everything else. It wouldn't hurt only help. Its not all bad now so as an invisible investment maybe maybe not but as a physical one its no question for me. Salute all the stackers. I will look into my first few ounces of silver bullion.

That was yesterday and my first few ounces of .999 silver bullion has been ordered and on the way. Dont wait. Preserve your hard earned money with precious metals. Again they can be passed on, used in bad times to barter or cashed in later when you are ready. Take a look at the 2 precious metal dealers on the right hand side column of my blog. They have great deals and you will enjoy watching your pile of wealth build. Check it out or click on the bullion dealers GMR Gold here

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